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Introducing Ken and Dorothy Bassett

(A brief history, updated September 2012)

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Ken and Dorothy have been part of Greenlane Christian Centre, Auckland, New Zealand, since its formation in 1981. Ken has been included in the Pastoral team from the beginning. Greenlane Christian Centre has been the support base for their travelling ministry.

Since 1978 they have been in full-time travelling ministry to many churches in Northland, New Zealand, to establish, strengthen and equip leaders and their churches, preach and teach the Word of God and visit widely in the Body of Christ. Ken and Dorothy have prepared, for free personal use, several hundred Bible teaching outlines, many lists of Scripture Promises, 2 Bible Study courses, and 2 Tracts. These are made available to the Church leaders they are supporting in New Zealand and overseas and to all Christians via the web site. These have been sent to pastors in many nations.

For over twenty five years, they have been leading quarterly, interdenominational Leaders’ Gatherings at Moerewa, in central upper Northland, New Zealand, to build unity in the Body of Christ and to strengthen Church leadership.

Ken and Dorothy have a family of four married adult children, ten grandchildren and two great grandchildren living in New Zealand.

From 1989-1996 they visited “Faith Centre”, International Outreach’s Ministry Training College in Hyderabad, India, to lecture for two weeks. For five years, from 1992-1996 they took Pastors’ Conferences for local Church pastors at Kamareddy and Hyderabad.

From 1992-1996 they visited Malaysia to lecture to the students at Royal Priesthood Bible College, Full Gospel Assembly, Kuala Lumpur and they worked in churches in Hutan Melintang, Raub and Bukit Beruntung.

During September 2001, April 2003, April 2004, Ken spent two weeks lecturing at Joshua Leadership Missions College, in Arusha, Tanzania. These visits included taking a Pastors’ Conference in Magugu, and a three day church conference on “Being an Overcomer” in the city of Mirerani, and preaching in various churches in Arusha.

From the latter part of 2002, was created as a resource to equip the Body of Christ.

In September 2003 and August 2008, Ken visited Mandalay in Myanmar, to teach in Shiloh Bible College for two weeks. Dr Andrew Bawi Ceu and his wife Marilyn head the Bible College, Shiloh Church, and the Beulah Child Care Centre. Every year many graduates spread out through Myanmar to preach the Gospel, build the Church, and extend the Kingdom of God.

In November 2004, Ken spent 19 days in Kampala, Uganda, taking a 6 message seminar in 4 churches.

In August – September 2007, Ken spent five weeks in Kenya. He visited Rongo, Sare, Siaya, Mwea, Kiamutugu, to take Crusades, Pastors’ Conferences, and church gatherings. Many were miraculously healed, delivered and saved and God is given all praise and thanks. A report is available.

In June 2010, May-June 2011 and June 2012, Ken was in Papua New Guinea for two or three weeks. In 2010, the time was spent at the PNG Christian Centre Bible College just outside Mt Hagen, teaching basic Bible themes. In 2011, two weeks were spent in the Bible College at Mt Hagen, and one week in Port Moresby, at the PNG Christian Centre Church. For five nights Ken preached major Biblical themes and prayed for the sick. There were many amazing, instantaneous, miracles of healing, of legs, ears and backs. There was great awe and joy in the Church as the Lord was praised. In 2012 Ken ministered at a pastors conference at Kumunga Village, 10km from Mount Hagen. This conference was just before the National Elections and there was much anxiety and unrest. The ministry of the Word was a great help to strengthen and encourage the pastors. Family, marriage and children was one major theme.

Both Ken and Dorothy are Science graduates from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and both taught sciences in Secondary Schools. Dorothy taught for three years before the children were born and Ken completed twenty years before moving into full-time ministry in 1978. During the Secondary School years much time was spent in children’s outreach and pastoral ministry.


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